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136th National Convention

As of today, we are proceeding as planned with all scheduled events for the National Convention. Disney and Coronado Springs Resort are planning to re-open on June 1st.As long as that happens we are good to go. Please mail and submit all entry forms by the newly extended deadline date of May 1st. If for any reason you need more time, please contact myself or Charleen to make arrangements for an additional extension. There will be no late fees applied this year. We are holding all checks until we get closer to the event to make absolute sure it is going to happen. In the event we have to cancel, all checks will be shredded. If that happens, we will be looking at plan "B" to hold the Title Competition at a later date, to be determined. If we had a magic ball this would all be so much easier, but no one ever promised that life would be easy. We are trying our best to make everything as transparent and easy as possible. With all that said, if our wishes come true and we are able to have "The Magic of DMA" we are aware that there may be some people that have registered that will not be able to attend for personal or financial reasons. Please contact us so that we can work with you personally on every situation.

S H I P & T T S

Due to the closing of University Buffalo campus until September, both SHIP and TTS have been postponed until 2021. We carefully looked at many option and they all brought different problems and issues. Leaving us with no other alternative.


The dates for our 2021 SHIP & TTS events are as follows:     SHIP - Arrival July 23rd - Departure July 29th, 2021

                                                                                                           TTS - Arrival July 29th - Departure August 4th, 2021


If you have already submitted payment and registration Charleen will simply shred both the check and forms. 


For SHIP students, if this was your last year to be able to attend, we will extend the age next year only to 19. 

For TTS attendees, if you are already in the program, the 7 year absence rule will be extended to 8 years due to the fact that we were unable to provide the program this year. 

We hope this answers all of your questions about SHIP & TTS. This is such a disappointment everyone involved, but as you all know it is out of our control. We will be back bigger and better than ever next year. 

In closing, I want to wish everyone good health, both physically and mentally during this very stressful time. If there is anything we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We are trying to answer and respond to all inquires immediately. If not we are trying to get an answer for you. With all the changes this year, please know that we are making every attempt to make this as easy and convenient for everyone involved. You and your students are very important to both DMA and the Dance Community. 




Love To All,

Cindy, Charleen, Dody & Penny