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Dance Masters of America 2022

Convention Schedule






Please check back often for updates/changes.

Convention Class Schedule 2024
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Convention Schedule 2024 please note subject to change at any time
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Convention Class Rules

The following rules are for dancers attending workshop classes.
1. Attire must be modest and in good taste.

2. Long hair must be tied back for all classes.

3. No gum chewing.

4. No talking during instructional periods.

5. Students must always wear their armbands.
6. Students should change lines quickly and willingly at the request of instructor, monitor or director.

7. Students arriving late or leaving early should be directed to the back of the room.

8. Students must always show respect to the instructor.

9. Students must use a cover-up whenever out of the classroom.

10. Students not able to participate in the class must sit quietly and pay attention to the



**In classroom 5 students must:

Any teacher registering dancers for this level are required to have one Adult (age 18 & older) representative who must be in attendance in the classroom at all times (no Observer Pass required). The representative must accompany the dancer(s) when they leave the classroom.


**In classroom 1 DMA Members fully registered for the National Convention and must be 

   wearing their official convention name badge are the only observers allowed into the room.

   Please note there are no baby carriages or toddlers that cannot sit still allowed in the room. 


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